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Please provide details for all required fields. Complete the details on this form if you desire to make KingdomUnionFellowship your home and become a Partner (voluntary, committed Camp Building Project) of KingdomUnionFellowship. Note: the form should be completed by each individual applicant.

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 account: kingdom union Fellowship. Starling Bank, 0058701848


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PARTNERSHIP “Christ chose us”

Our partners are the core of our Mission. These are people who connect with the vision and mission of Kingdom Union Fellowship Center and decide to partner with us. Partnership creates that sense that Kingdom Union Fellowship Center is an avenue to fulfill the “Go Yee Commission” rather than ‘the church I go to’. Partners are first of all the members or volunteers of Kingdom Union Fellowship Center or someone who is in agreement with the vision and mission,  who have completed Trax 1 and Trax 2 and applied for partnership (membership) of the incorporated association. The register of members is available for inspection by sending a request to the public officer at
The Association holds an Annual General Meeting each year, with notices sent via email. Existing partners can find more information in the Partners Area.

What is Partnership?
A partner is someone who is in agreement with Kingdom Union Fellowship Center’s vision, values and strategy, is committed to the unity with this Mission family and keeps the following commitments by God’s grace.
Experiencing God through discipleship

  • By being a fervent follower of Jesus Christ
  • By actively participating in church services
  • By living a godly life that sets an example for others
  • By regular prayer and reflection on the Scriptures

Engaging with others in relationship

  • By active involvement in a Life Group
  • By loving others and protecting the unity of the Mission
  • By co-operating with and supporting the fellowship leadership
  • By being warm and friendly to those who visit Kingdom Union Fellowship Center’s meetings or programs

Equipping themselves to serve through good stewardship of their resources

  • By discovering and using their gifts
  • By developing their God-given potential through learning, training and hands-on experience
  • By regularly giving their time, tithes and offerings to support God’s work through Kingdom Union Fellowship Center.

Expressing their purpose

  • By using their gifts and abilities to serve others, both inside and outside Kingdom Union Fellowship Center’s
  • By developing relationships and sharing their faith
  • By using their gifts to reach out, i.e. through community outreach, church planting and missions

How do I become a Partner of Kingdom Union Fellowship Center?
In order to be a partner you are required to successfully complete Trax 1 & Trax 2 of our Life Trax course. At the end of the course there will be an opportunity for you to complete the process by filling in the Partnership Application Form. Alternatively, you may fill in and submit the  application form.
A person applying to be a partner also need to have personal encounter with the Lord and have been baptized in water by full immersion.

LifeTrax is a life development and leadership course, designed to help you build solid theological foundations, understand church life, explore deep personal and spiritual issues and prepare for active service.
We believe that God calls each person to develop their potential in order to be able to serve others effectively. LifeTrax is an outstanding course specifically designed to assist you in your journey of personal and ministry development. We highly recommend it!

Trax 1 – Christian Life

This Trax serves to provide a solid foundation for our Christian faith  and beliefs and covers topics such as; grace, God’s Word, prayer, communion, water and Holy Spirit baptism. This Trax is for anyone who is new to Kingdom Union Fellowship Center.

Trax 2 – Church Life
This course provides an in depth understanding of Kingdom Union Fellowship Center’s mission, values, vision, statement of faith, structure and governance model, and upon completion, provides you with an opportunity to become a partner with Kingdom Union Fellowship Center.

Trax 3 – Personal Life
This course seeks to strengthen the ‘inner world’ of the believer by addressing personal and spiritual issues and providing keys to handle emotions, relationships and life contradictions through freedom In Christ.

Trax 4 – Leader’s Life
This course focuses on leadership development, providing skill-based training to prepare partners of Kingdom Union Fellowship Center for confident leadership. We want to provide you with the key tools and approaches that empower you to lead.




Do you have a heart of evangelism? Do you have passion for souls? If so, let’s make it happen together. Here is your opportunity to help expose large number of un-reached people to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Support the evangelism ministry of Kingdom Union Fellowship Center who’s ministry activities centred on Outreach events, Crusades, Revivals, TV/Radio Broadcast, distribution of Bible and Tracts, Christian t-shirts and other materials as the need arises. Right now we are on our toes in a mission work among the Gwari in the suburb in Abuja Nigeria and as well preparing for Teenagers Camp Retreat third week of December 2015 in Kwara State. Continue reading “TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN”





Genesis 37:2. Through the Bible, writers emphasize the advice and wisdom of older men (Titus 1:6), they also speak positively about young people because children and adolescents are so vulnerable and impressionable, young people are encouraged early in life to make a commitment to God and to work in the way of life outlined in His word.

The Bible present a remarkable examples of young people who served God like Joseph, Gideon, Samuel, David, Joash, Josiah, and Timothy; the disciple of Jesus Christ were almost certainly young men. One promise of God for the new age was that young men and women would see visions and would prophesy, reminding us that through Jesus the way is open for all in the family of God to be channels of God revelations. Continue reading “MINISTRY”